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Past Projects

The NSD Ventures team has executed real estate projects ranging from small, single-family homes to large, multi-occupancy rental properties. These include town-homes, lofts, multi-family and high-rise office buildings.

Our team works hard to add value for our clients and investors. Here are some of our past projects.

Past Projects

1047 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93728

Built: 1919
Units: 15
Purchased: May 2019
Purchase Price: $725,000
Renovation Cost: $20,000
Objective: Quickly turn vacant units, light construction, increase rents.
Result: Sold August 2019, $925,000

2005 E Pontiac Way, Fresno, CA 93726

Built: 1965
Units: 16
Purchased: September 2017
Purchase Price: $760,000
Renovation Cost: $115,000
Objective: Forced Appreciation
Result: Sold August 2019, $1,125,000

2043-2069 E. Saginaw Way, Fresno, CA 93726

Built: 1961
Units: 14
Purchased: June 2018
Purchase Price: $519,000
Renovation Cost: $200,000
Objective: Increase rents, add value
Result: Sold January 2019, $1,200,000

3110 E Princeton Ave, Fresno, CA 93703

Built: 1949
Units: 40
Purchased: January 2019
Purchase Price: $2,500,000
Renovation Cost: $122,000
Objective: Value-add opportunity
Result: Sold July 2019 for $3,000,000. 26% annualized return to investors.

4518 E Fountain Way, Fresno, CA 93726 

Built: 1973
Units: 57
Purchased: February 2019
Purchase Price: $2,350,000
Renovation Cost: $975,000
Occupied: 30
Vacant: 27
Budget spent to date: $791,800
Objective: Hold
ARV $5,125,000 with rents at $850
ARV $5,285,000 with rents at $875
Based on a 10% vacancy and 40% expense ratio after renovations completed.

4421 E Hedges Ave, Fresno, CA 93703 

Built: 1967
Units: 6
Purchased: October 2018
Purchase Price: $561,000
Renovation Cost: $200,000
Objective: Value add.  Rehab, increase rents, optimize building systems
Result: Currently in escrow $1,200,000

4409 Alabama St, San Diego, CA 

6 unit property…increased rents by 60% in less than 18 months.

700 Main Street, Venice CA

Dogtown Station, 35 units, Venice CA
Ground Up Construction

Year Built: 2008
Live Work Lofts
Units: 35
One block from the beach, north of Abbot Kinney in the heart of famed Silicon Beach.
Last 10 units sold for $900-$1,000 psf, over 54% higher than initial sales.

PS Business Parks
Public Storage 

Managed and brokered several assets for PS Business Parks (NYSE:PSB) and Public Storage (NYSE:PSA) for nearly 15 years.  Robin Mather, Vice President of PS Business Parks (NYSE:PSB) says “McMullen and team are the model by which we judge every other brokerage and asset management team in our entire portfolio.”

At 150,000 SF PS Business Parks, McMullen Team:

+ Increased lease rates by 14%.
+ Boosted occupancy 10% above market average.
+ Average lease-up for available suites was 1.7x faster than market.

1020 Granville, multi-unit property in Los Angeles (Brentwood), CA

Purchased, rehabbed, marketed, and in escrow in 122 days.

Gorilla Brands, California, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. 

Chief strategist and developer for 70 new tech franchise stores in less than 3 years.

“The NSDV team is self-driven, professional with a deep understanding of the fundamentals necessary to be successful in the commercial real estate community. They are extremely likable which helps them formulate deep relationships necessary to winning deals and influencing people. NSDV epitomizes the team you want working your transaction.”

Scott SelkeManaging Director, Integrated Capital Management

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