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Acquisition Opportunities

NSD Ventures is currently seeking real estate acquisition opportunities with a value add component.  NSDV welcomes investment in a number of key markets throughout the US. Due to its powerful network, NSDV is currently investing in a number of emerging markets in California, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

The NSDV value add platform encompasses site selection, financing, design and construction all the way through marketing, sales, and management.

Ideally NSDV is looking for residential and commercial properties that have been mismanaged, underutilized or where zoning can be modified to add value.  We move fast.  If the property you present is not a fit, we’ll let you know right away.

Long Distance Investing

Undoubtedly, you’ve been told to invest in your backyard.  If that’s your goal, see our list of transactions and rest assured we can exceed your expectations.  But if the greater returns of long distance investing has become increasingly more attractive to you and expanding your portfolio is your objective, we have you covered.  NSDV principals have decades worth of experience and have orchestrated over $500 million in sales as brokers, owners and syndicators throughout the U.S.

We have a team of prospectors looking for your next off-market deal. Ask us about our outlook on a handful of key emerging markets. We believe there are still a number of sound opportunities in this real estate cycle. And not only can we find the deal, but we can deliver ‘boots on the ground’ representation as well. Our network of operators, private investors, lenders, contractors and managers can assist you through each stage of the transaction.

Here’s what you get when you invest with NSD Ventures:


to a great valuable resource


better expected ROI through our system


by a team of experience real estate professionals


across hundreds of commercial properties

“I worked with NSDV as a project manager while they were in charge of sales and development on a new residential development project in Los Angeles.

They earned trust from the buyers by communicating with genuine sincerity. They always stayed on top of all issues without losing details. It would be my pleasure working with them again.”

-Ki RyuVP of Development, Legado Companies 

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